What I’ve Been Doing

734939_4385251912327_1341861014_nWhat have I been doing? You are probably curious if you are reading this. I haven’t actually blogged in a while, so I found it pretty appropriate to start typing while I have my second cup of coffee this morning. A lot has been happening, which is good, but being busy can definitely keep you out of the social loop for a while and unable to really do what you’d sometimes rather do, but I digress.

As many of you many know, I went to California for 9 months, which was supposed to be only about 8 weeks. But, I ended up loving it and received opportunities I never thought possible. I met people I will be friends with for a very long time, I made memories I will never forget, and I met people I probably will forget about at some point. Being born in California – when I was there it felt like home, so natural… and “me.” But, parts of me missed my midwest trans-plated roots, and that actually kept me reminded of where I came from.

My California experience started out in January with me arriving in Newport Coast to stay with my dear friend, who had recently moved to California. Seriously one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever lived. Then school started the following week at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood – the one right across the street from Paramount on Melrose. The commute was BRUTAL from OC to Hollywood everyday, but it was for 5 weeks and I couldn’t have learned the metropolitan area of Los Angeles a better way. I took nearly a different route everyday. So fun.

Classes we interesting. Not really the type of “Entertainment Journalism” that I was expecting, but I will take what I was given and learn as much from that as I can. I would’ve liked to do more, but how much can you really do in a five week semester? My teachers were awesome, and one even became the Editor in Chief of Digital for Variety on the last day of class.

On the last day of class, on the 47th floor of the Variety building, I had my interview phone interview with Roserock Films on the Warner Bros. lot – which went wonderfully and I was called in for an in-person interview a couple weeks later. Nailed that one and started at Warner Bros. a couple weeks later.

So that’s why I stayed in Los Angeles, longer than expected.

I started at Roserock under producer Hunt Lowry, who produced films: Donnie Darko, Last of the Mohicans, A Walk to Remember, Dive Secrets of the Ya-Ya sisterhood, and A Cinderella Story to name a few. It was such an awesome experience, every single day was like a dream come true, walking around the studio, and eating lunch with random millionaires everyday on the lot.


After relentless attempts of getting a part-time job in California doing anything to pick up some extra cash, it just wasn’t really working out. So I decided to spend that time to focus on me. I also pinched my sciatic nerve shortly after starting at WB doing parkour, so I started spending months doing yoga and at the gym strengthening my core. My sciatica symptoms were so bad I had to call in to work for a week and go get acupuncture, massages, and spend hundreds of hours healing my body. Such horrible pains, sciaticas suck. I did get in really good shape by the time I left So Cal. I don’t think I ever felt better, except for the random sciatic pains I would still frequently get.

I made really awesome friends. Awesome. -And the friends I did have that were out there, our friendship got stronger. Adam, Alessandra, Brittney, and Mike, and Tracey – I never thought I would have become such great friends with these amazing people, They became like a second family to me. Claudia, Ashley, Michael, and Bella became like a third family to me and I never expected to create such great friendships with people while on my leave. My love life was pretty non-existent. I went out there in a relationship, which wasn’t the best idea, but we learn from our mistakes. Even in an attempt to make friends, people just fell off the planet. So I just stuck with my reliable friends that actually mean something to me.

My birthday was this summer, July 9th, and Adam, Brittney, and Mike took me to Catalina to celebrate. Such a pretty island, and it tripped me out that people could live there and raise a family in the two square mile town. NUTS. It was so pretty, we ate our hearts out and went parasailing over the ocean blue, such a cool experience and surprisingly calming.

I finished my time in LA working with some guys I met on the WB lot pre-producing a show that will be shooting in early December and I couldn’t be more excited about this awesome web series. This will officially be my first business trip and it’s to produce a show – how perfect.

Now, I’m back in Chicago and I am finish up my last semester at Columbia College Chicago. And, regardless of how bad I want to get out of there, I am really enjoying every second on campus because I know it will be gone very soon.

I applied for the Entertainment segment on Windy City Webcast on campus and now I can been seen on windycitywebcast.tv for my weekly entertainment segment. I also am in my practicum class Newsbeat on campus anchoring and reporting every week. Such a fun semester – I’ve been waiting for this one for a very long time.

I’m also interning at the WGN Morning Show with the entertainment reporter and Emmy award winning film critic, Dean Richards. I couldn’t have a better mentor and I am thoroughly enjoying every second I am in the newsroom and I actually stay late every day because I can’t get enough.

Besides that, I’m living with my best friend Jonny through the eNd of my semester until I figure out what I am supposed to do in the next stages of my life. I’ll try to keep everyone posted on my blogs and through my videos. Thanks for reading my novel.

I’m Max, and that’s About It.

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