Born in Southern California and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Max Tarlton graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Journalism. After more than a decade working in front of and behind the camera, Max has taken his career to new heights. He is now working in the tech space with artificial intelligence to perfect the customer experience and generate higher revenue and returns.

Over the past 10 years, Max has embedded himself in cities across the country including: Chicago, Yuma, Omaha, and Monterey. During that time, he has covered multiple presidential and local elections, immigration on the US/Mexico border, transportation in the midwest, natural disasters in California including: wildfires, flooding and mudslides. He also did extensive health reporting and coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only has Max Tarlton covered hard news, Max has also highlighted light-hearted stories including: traveling to Mexico to showcase a rare orphanage and foster home growing into a school for the less fortunate, children battling rare medical conditions, and interviews with celebrities and non-profits just to name a few.

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Launching a podcast!

A new series hosted by Max Tarlton is set to his the airwaves in 2023, introducing a fresh and funky podcast which is set to break barriers and cut to the core of what americans and the rest of world are talking about.

Why I switched to tech?

Diving into a new career in 2023, Max Tarlton explains what it’s like switching to tech and working with artificial intelligence after working in local news around the country for the past 10 years.

New online store item!

During the covid-19 pandemic, Max decided embark on an e-commerce journey by opening an online store selling coffee mugs with humorous phrases and designs. In 2023, expect new hilarious designs and a wider variety.

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Max Tarlton

Television Journalist | AI Tech Consultant